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Camp 2023 
Dates & Rates 

All Saints Specialty Sessions
ages 8-14

Session 1: July 2-12 (ages 12-14)

Tier A: $1,100 / Tier B: $1,175 / Tier C: $1,250


Session 2: July 14-20 (ages 8-11)

Tier A: $800 / Tier B: $875 / Tier C: $950

  • Our All Saints sessions are for campers who want to specialize their camp experience in the fields of Sports, Explorers, Music and Theater, and Art.

  • Each programming area is based off of our historical camps.

  • When signing up, each camper will sign up for a programming area. During the day, campers will participate in their chosen program, as well as have the chance to participate in whatever programming is available with our Free Electives!

  • Enjoy playing football, making collages, creating a theatrical show, hiking in the woods, and more!

St. George's Sessions
ages 8-14

Session 1: June 23-28 (ages 8-14)

Tier A: $750 / Tier B: $825 / Tier C: $900


Session 2: July 2-8 (ages 8-11)

Tier A: $800 / Tier B: $875 / Tier C: $950


Session 3: July 10-20 (ages 12-14)

Tier A: $1,100 / Tier B: $1,175 / Tier C: $1,250


Session 4: July 24-August 1 (ages 8-14)

Tier A: $850 / Tier B: $925 / Tier C: $1,000

  • Campers will have opportunities every day to choose their own adventure; this camp is for any camper who wants to try it all and explore the full range of programming at Shrine Mont Camps.

  • Age-specific cabin assignments, small groups, and daily programming ensure campers enjoy spending time with their peers all week.

  • Enjoy the Shrine Mont pool, day hikes in the woods, fun and creative games and activities, and daily chaplain’s times and worship.

Senior High Youth Conference (SHYC)
ages 14-16

Session 1: July 24-August 5

Tier A: $1,400 / Tier B: $1,550 / Tier C: $1,700

  • We are building on years of camp in offering a unique experience for older campers! Themes of service, adventure, leadership, storytelling and vocation will be explored.

  • Go deeper into the fun, excitement, and discovery at this longer session of camp for teens.

  • Make new friends, enjoy the wonder of creation, and consider deep thoughts in a fun and caring environment.

St. Andrew's Session
Ages 8-13

Session 1: July 2-8

Tier A: $850 / Tier B: $900 / Tier C: $950

  • A traditional camp program but with higher levels of structure and support than the other camps offer.

  • Low camper-to-staff ratio, so campers are able to get individualized support throughout the day as needed. Perfect for campers with a variety of behavioral, developmental, emotional, or environmental needs.

  • A wonderful opportunity for campers to enjoy meeting new friends, try new things, and have a successful camp experience!

St. Elizabeth's
Ages 14-25

Session 1: July 24-28

Tier A: $750 / Tier B: $850 / Tier C: $950


Session 2: August 2-6

Tier A: $750 / Tier B: $850 / Tier C: $950

  • Program for campers with intellectual disabilities.

  • Volunteer counselors assist campers with daily activities and participate in a camp experience together.

  • Paid staff support through supervision, programming, training and guidance.

The Great
ages 15-17

Session 1: July 24-August 5

Tier A: $1,600 / Tier B: $1,750 / Tier C: $1,900

  • Campers spend more time “off site” on extended camping trips than they do at Shrine Mont, but do get a few days to enjoy the Shrine Mont food and location.

  • Hiking and canoeing are standard parts of the program, along with other classic camp adventures!

  • Previous camping experience not required, but all campers need to be able to carry a pack and sleep outdoors.

Family Camp
all ages!

Session 1: July 10-16

Adult (18+): $650/person

13-17 years old: $600/person

4-12 years old: $450/person

0-4 years old: free

It is always our goal to have all who wish to participate in our programs be able to do so; don't hesitate to reach out to camp for Scholarships, either part or full!

  • Bring the whole family to camp! No matter what “family” means to you, come spend a long weekend enjoying beautiful Shrine Mont in the summer.

  • Program offerings for people of all ages throughout the day, mixed with downtime for family groups or individuals to have free time to do as they please. Each evening will be a multi-generational program, great for everyone together!

Lil's Session
for first year campers ages 7-9! 

Session 1: June 23-26

Tier A: $450 / Tier B: $500 / Tier C: $550

  • Our new program for 7-9 year old's, we have a shortened camp session of only 3 nights for campers. This is the perfect shortened session to give your camper a taste of camp!

  • This camp runs the same programming as our longer sessions (such as St. George's), while having additional staff to ensure a fun camp experience for your little one!

  • Come experience camp for the first time!

*Tiered Pricing Details

Recognizing that families have different abilities to pay, Shrine Mont Camps has created a voluntary three-tier fee program. During registration, families choose the tier that is most suitable for their budget and situation. This Tier Program offers the opportunity for families to take an active role in choosing the cost of their child's camp experience.

No matter your choice in tier, all campers receive the same experience. The camp scholarship fund will remain available to all campers who need assistance beyond Tier A to pay for camp


Here is what the three tiers represent:

  • Tier A - The historical camper rate, which is subsidized for all campers and does not reflect the true cost of running summer camp programs. This is the rate you have always paid, and makes our camps available to more families.

  • Tier B - This rate reflects the costs of summer staff and some supplies and administrative costs. This tier is partially subsidized but offers families the opportunity to give a little more.

  • Tier C - This rate reflects most closely the true cost of camp. It includes the day to day costs of Tier B plus costs of our chaplaincy program, all supplies and other operational expenses, including medical supplies and equipment (for COVID). Families that are able to choose this rate are partnering with Shrine Mont Camps to provide much needed upgrades and grow for the future.

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