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Frequently Asked Questions

What will camp in 2023 look like?

In 2021, Shrine Mont Camps staff worked hard to create a safe and fun experience for campers. We missed the individual traditional camp offerings but were thrilled to see that a transformative, fun and safe camp program is possible even in a pandemic.  

This summer, our plan is to build on the lessons learned over the past two summers and bring back as many of the traditions, programs, and experiences as possible for campers and staff.  Campers will get a chance to participate in the themes and activities traditionally offered at camps such as Sports Camp, Music & Theatre, Art Camp, Explorers’ Camp, and St. George’s during their sessions this summer.  

At this time, bringing back the entire summer schedule offered in 2019 and before still does not allow camp leaders the flexibility to adapt as COVID-19 continues to affect programs and plans. Bringing the lessons learned in 2021 and 2022 as well as additional programs and activities from our beloved Shrine Mont Camps into this year’s schedule will offer both a return to some of the more traditional “Shrine Mont Camps” programs alongside the adaptability needed to ensure that we can operate safely. 

Where will my camper live? 

We are lucky at Shrine Mont to have three separate campsites to in which to house campers and groups. While campers between 8-14 years old will be able to attend sessions together, our plan is to house the younger campers at Bear Wallow Camp and the older set (most likely 11-14 years old) at St. George’s Camp. That will place our youngest campers closer to their meals and will allow more room for spacing groups out, if needed. Campers at St. Elizabeth’s and the 15-17 year olds will live at Woodward Camp. Campers at The Great will spend most of their time off-site, but will have a home base at St. George’s Camp. Family Camp families will live in Shrine Mont cottages. 


How will masks work? 

We will ask that all campers and staff arrive to camp with masks ready. Campers and staff will wear their masks every day, during certain parts of the day. Most of our activities will take place outdoors, where we do not anticipate needing to wear masks. Campers will have a specified type and number of masks to bring to camp. Laundry will not be available for campers.  


What is your cleaning protocol for buildings and items at camp? 

We will follow cleaning guidance from the CDC and Virginia Department of Health, in collaboration with Shrine Mont leadership.  

Can I request that my children are in the same cabin or cohort with each other or other campers? 

In 2021 we offered an opportunity for campers to request to be in the same group with a friend or family member. We are working on a modified plan for 2023, and will be in touch with updates as we have them. Please contact James Williams with questions or concerns! 

Will all of your staff be vaccinated? 

 All staff are to be vaccinated. Campers are encouraged to be vaccinated, but not required.  


Will staff's time-off activities be limited in any way to ensure safety? 

Yes, but specifics have not been designated at this time. While our hope is to avoid keeping all staff on-site throughout the duration of their employment, the final call will be made closer to the start of the summer.


I love Shrine Mont Camps and I want to see it continue for years to come. How can I help? 

Donate what you can, either to the scholarship fund or to support this year's efforts to keep our camp family connected. Follow us on social media (@shrinemontcamps on Facebook and Instagram). Sign up for our newsletter. Come to camp in 2023! 

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