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Frequently Asked Questions

What will camp in 2023 look like?

In 2021, Shrine Mont Camps staff worked hard to create a safe and fun experience for campers. We missed the individual traditional camp offerings but were thrilled to see that a transformative, fun and safe camp program is possible even in a pandemic.  

This summer, our plan is to build on the lessons learned over the past two summers and bring back as many of the traditions, programs, and experiences as possible for campers and staff.  Campers will get a chance to participate in the themes and activities traditionally offered at camps such as Sports Camp, Music & Theatre, Art Camp, Explorers’ Camp, and St. George’s during their sessions this summer.  


How will masks work? 

Campers and staff should pack masks for camp. Masks will be optionally worn throughout the day and continued to be used as a part of the overall health process. we anticipate masks being used only as a part of our response to a COVID case at camp.

Can I request that my children are in the same cabin or cohort with each other or other campers? 

In 2021 we offered an opportunity for campers to request to be in the same group with a friend or family member. We are working on a modified plan for 2023, wherein you can request 1 bunkmate, and if said other camper also lists the same bunkmate, we honor this request. Please contact James Williams with questions or concerns! 

Will all of your staff be vaccinated? 

 All staff are encouraged to be vaccinated, as well as campers.


I love Shrine Mont Camps and I want to see it continue for years to come. How can I help? 

Donate what you can, either to the scholarship fund or to support this year's efforts to keep our camp family connected. Follow us on social media (@shrinemontcamps on Facebook and Instagram). Sign up for our newsletter. Come to camp in 2023! 

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