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1961 - The Rev. James Lincoln holds camp on the present site of St. George's Camp with campers sleeping in tents.

1962 - First permanent camp building is in place under the supervision of Mr. Lincoln and Shrine Mont Director Wilmer Moomaw.

  • St. George's camp dedicated and Choir Camp, predecessor to Music and Drama (MAD) Camp, opens.


1964 - The Rev. Churchill J. Gibson, Jr. begins serving as chaplain.

1968 - St. George's becomes coeducational, adds two cabins and Lincoln Pavillion expands capacity to 40 campers.

1973 - Wilderness Odyssey, predecessor to today's Explorers' and Explorers' the Great Camps, opens.

1974 - Shrine Mont purchases Orkney Springs Hotel property, including Bear Wallow Camp facility.

  • Senior High Youth Conference begins.

1980 - Art Camp opens.

1988 - St. Andrew's Camp founded. 

  • Happy Pullman becomes program director.


1989 - Choir Camp becomes MAD camp.


1999 - St. Elizabeth's Camp meets for the first time with five campers and five volunteers.


2007 - St. Sebastian's Camp (successor to Soccer Camp) opens.


2012 - Celebration of 50 years of camps at Shrine Mont.

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