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Medical Information Needed For Each Camper

Each camper that attends Shrine Mont Camp needs the following medical information on file (this is also represented within the registration portal):

​1) An online Health History parts 1-4 for each camper. This is accessed by logging into the parent portal and clicking on "forms" on the menu. A new page with missing or completed forms will appear, and you will see the Health History parts 1-3 as part of this. The information included here allows for reports and quick accessing of camper data regarding emergency contacts, allergies, medications, etc.

2) For the summer of 2024, we have shifted our policy on Physicals from required to being highly recommended.  A form that is detailed, camper-specific and signed by a licensed physician is most beneficial to camp.

Campers without Health History parts 1-4 on file will HAVE to fill out this information before they are allowed to join camp.

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