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Camp Info

*updates to camp info will be forthcoming, but feel free to peek at last year to get a sense of summer 2023!

Covid-19 Plan


As we enter our third year of “Covid-conscious” summer camp, we are grateful for the things we learned in 2022. We’re hopeful for a summer that looks a little more like what we’re used to, thanks to scientific and public health advancements over the last two years. We know, however, that new variants of COVID-19 continue to circulate and pose threats to individuals and communities, especially to those who may be medically vulnerable at camp or at home. While there is no way to completely eliminate the risk of COVID-19 infection or transmission, we will use these measures to mitigate risk of exposure and transmission; please review carefully. 

While it is not required for campers to be vaccinated against COVID-19 to attend camp, vaccination AND a booster (if eligible) are required in order to stay at camp in the case of an exposure.


We are reasonably confident that this risk mitigation and communication strategy will be in place through the entire camp season. However, policies are subject to change based on CDC and state recommendations, infection and vaccination rates in the region, advice of our supervising physician, and other public health factors.

Please read this information and review with your camper in preparation for your camp session.


Click here for a packing list

What NOT to Bring

  • Electronic Devices (mobile phones, phone watches, etc.; mobile-enabled tablets except for reading already downloaded books; laptop computers, etc.)

  • Any item that may be considered a weapon (knives including Swiss Army Knives, firearms, lighters, fireworks, matches)

  • Food (snacks, candy, gum, drinks, etc.)

  • Tobacco Products

  • Alcohol & Controlled Substances

  • Pets or other animals


Please help us ensure that the above listed items are NOT brought to camp by reviewing what your camper has packed before departing for camp. Please understand that if any of these items are found at camp, they will be confiscated immediately, and if necessary, your child may be sent home.


Camper drop-off will occur between 2-3:30pm. In order to lessen the time campers and their families need to spend waiting in lines to check-in, our camp staff will give your family a "drop-off window" about a week before opening. When you arrive at Shrine Mont, our camp staff team will be on hand to direct you to parking and through the check-in process.

The first step will be for campers to take a rapid COVID test. (Families are welcome to also take a test, if you wish!) Once the negative results come back, our staff will usher you through the rest of the check-in process, culminating with your camper meeting their cabin counselor and joining their cabin group on the ballfield. Because of the nature of our check-in process, parents will not be able to go to the cabin with their campers. However, our cabin staff will be fully trained to help all campers get settled in, make their beds, etc.
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