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Camp Info


Click here for a packing list

What NOT to Bring

  • Electronic Devices (mobile phones, phone watches, etc.; mobile-enabled tablets except for reading already downloaded books; laptop computers, etc.)

  • Any item that may be considered a weapon (knives including Swiss Army Knives, firearms, lighters, fireworks, matches)

  • Food (snacks, candy, gum, drinks, etc.)

  • Tobacco Products

  • Alcohol & Controlled Substances

  • Pets or other animals


Please help us ensure that the above listed items are NOT brought to camp by reviewing what your camper has packed before departing for camp. Please understand that if any of these items are found at camp, they will be confiscated immediately, and if necessary, your child may be sent home.


In general, drop-information will be sent directly to registered campers before the start of a given session.

Please plan to arrive as close to the assigned time as possible to help in a smooth check-in process. Use these directions to reach Shrine Mont (Note that GPS/map apps can be unreliable.), and please pay attention to signs and staff as you approach, so we can get you to the right place.


Photos of Camp

Click on the images to get a description of each space and how it's used at camp.

Discount Information

Sibling Discount

A continuing discount that we offer is our sibling discount - if you are sending more than 1 child to camp, get 25$ off per camper.

Refer a New camper family Discount

This is another new discount that we are excited to offer to our returning and new camp families. This discount is offered to both a ‘referred family’ as well as the ‘referring’ family - so both new and returning families can work together to get to camp!

How it works:

  • During registration in the 'enrollment questions' section, a family will have the ability to list one new family they are referring to camp. If you are a new family, there will be an option to list one family that is referring you.

    • Both the referring family and the new family must list each other reciprocally in order to receive the discount.

      •  Ex - the returning family Williams could refer the new family Smith. The Williams family puts down ‘referring new family’ as ‘Smith’, and the Smith family would list ‘referred by Williams family” to receive the discount.

* We will not award a discount if a referring family has listed a new family, but said new family has not reciprocally listed the referring family (and vice versa). We will contact you directly if this is the case. A 'new family' will be considered any family that has not had a camper attend a session of camp since 2018 or before.


  • Once the new family has registered and paid their deposit of 75$, we will then credit the referring family 100 dollars, and the new family 100 dollars per camper. (If a family must unregister for any reason, this discount will not act as a credit to a further camp balance. Any family that receives the referral discount will retain it, even if the other family unregisters.)

  • This referral discount can be applied alongside the ‘Sibling’ and ‘Early Bird’ discounts, and will work alongside the $100$ for the 100th Scholarship seen in the 'scholarship' section under 'dates and rates'.

Now is the perfect time to join Shrine Mont Camp for a summer adventure on the mountain! We will do all the things kids love to do when at camp - sing songs, worship, play games (KING BALLLL) , make friends, go camping, swim in the pool, and so so much more - all while making use of the discounts below!!

*Please keep in mind that discounts are different from our scholarships - scholarships are continuously available, and there is more information at the bottom of 'dates and rates'. You can receive a a scholarship by filling out our ‘scholarship form’ during registration.


Early Bird Discount

Register your camper before January 17th, and receive 50 dollars off per camper! Redeem this discount by typing “eb2024smc’ in the ‘coupon code’ area of checkout during registration.


Covid-19 Plan
*all COVID-19 policies will be updated in May of 2024 so as to create policies that are the most accurate and up-to-date. Check out last summer's info to get an idea of the types of precautions we have taken in the past.

COVID-19 continues to be a daily reality for us and our loved ones. The good news is that we are learning more and more, and are able to prepare ourselves for what this means. We have taken tips from our last year at camp and merged them into a policy for this summer that reflects both safety and more flexibility. Here are some things to know: 

  • Shrine Mont Camps highly encourages all camper families to test before arriving to camp, though this will not be required. The best way to stay safe at camp is to be healthy before it! We also encourage and recommend campers be vaccinated before coming to camp. 

  • Camps will continually provide masks and other PPE throughout our sessions (including washing our hands frequently!). Masking indoors will be optional, though camp will continue to make use of our many outdoor spaces. Camps will have test kits with us during sessions should someone request a test or exhibit symptoms. 

  • If your camper exhibits any symptoms before camp, or has been exposed to a symptomatic person leading up to camp, please contact the camps office. We ask that all campers be symptom free to enter camp. If your child is unable to make a session due to COVID, we will work to find other sessions during the summer for them to attend. 

  • In the instance of a positive case at camp: (1) If your camper tests positive for COVID-19, we will ask parents to pick your child up so that they can isolate and rest at home. (2) Whenever someone is exposed to COVID, we ask that they mask for 10 days after the exposure, and test on the sixth day after their exposure or if symptoms occur (per CDC guidelines). Campers will stay with us at camp unless they feel unwell or they test positive for COVID. (3) Parents will be notified in the case of an outbreak (3 or more cases) at camp, and if your camper has been directly exposed during session. 

  • Lastly, each summer is dynamic. Camp will continually evaluate this policy throughout the summer, and will communicate with families if there is a need for a shift in policies. Specifically, camp may alter our policy toward things like use of indoor spaces, masking requirements, or more, depending on documented COVID-19 cases at camp. If you have questions, please contact our director

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