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Dates & Rates
Before you check out our rates and register for camp, please scroll to the bottom of our page to learn more about our scholarships (including info on the $100$ for the 100th universal Scholarship). Also check our 'camp info' page for the discounts available this season!

 *Please note that prices listed below ALREADY INCLUDE our "$100$ for the 100th scholarship" (meaning the price shown is what you pay, or is the true price less 100$). Prices displayed in the registration portal do not have this deduction built in, and you will see the true cost of camp when registering, though it will be immediately deducted.

Visit our Programs page to learn more about each session's unique programming!


All Saints' Specialty Session

ages 9-12

Session 1: July 7 - 12th

Price: Tier A - 750$ / Tier B - 825$ / Tier C - 900$

St. George's Sessions

ages 8-14

Session 1: June 23 - July 2nd (ages 9-14)​

Price: Tier A - 950$ / Tier B - 1,025$ / Tier C - 1,100$

Session 2: July 7 - 19th (ages 12-14)

Price: Tier A - 1,200$ / Tier B - 1,275$ / Tier C - 1,350$

Session 3: July 14 - 19th (ages 8-11)​

Price: Tier A - 750$ / Tier B - 825$ / Tier C - 900$

Session 4: July 23 - July 30th (ages 8-14)

Price: Tier A - 900$ / Tier B - 975$ / Tier C - 1,050$


Senior High Youth Conference (SHYC)

ages 14-16

Session 1: July 7 - July 19th​

Price: Tier A - 1,450$ / Tier B - 1,500$ / Tier C -1,600 $

St. Andrew's Session

ages 8-11

Session 1: July 23 - 28th​

Price: Tier A - 750$ / Tier B - 800$ / Tier C - 850$


St. Elizabeth's Session

ages 14-25

Session 1: June 23 - 27th

Price: Tier A - 750$ / Tier B - 800$ / Tier C - 850$

Session 2: June 30 - July 3rd

Price: Tier A - 650$ / Tier B - 700$ / Tier C - 750$

The Great

ages 15-17

Session 1: July 23 - August 4th

Price: Tier A - 1,600$ / Tier B - 1650$ / Tier C - 1,750$


Family Camp

all ages

Session 1: July 7 - 13th

Price by age

  • 18+/adult - 650$

  • 13 to17 years old - 600$

  • 4 to12 years old - 450$

  • 0 to 4 years old - free

Lil's Session

 campers ages 7-9
recommended for 1st time campers!

Session 1: July 23 - 26th

Price: Tier A - 450$ / Tier B - 500$ / Tier C -550$

Tiered Pricing Details

Recognizing that families have different abilities to pay, Shrine Mont Camp has created a voluntary three-tier fee program. During registration, families choose the tier that is most suitable for their budget and situation. This Tier Program offers the opportunity for families to take an active role in choosing the cost of their child's camp experience.

No matter your choice in tier, all campers receive the same experience. The camp scholarship fund will remain available to all campers who need assistance beyond Tier A to pay for camp. 


Here is what the three tiers represent:

  • Tier A - The historical camper rate, which is subsidized for all campers and does not reflect the true cost of running summer camp programs. This is the rate you have always paid, and makes our camps available to more families.

  • Tier B - This rate reflects the costs of summer staff and some supplies and administrative costs. This tier is partially subsidized but offers families the opportunity to give a little more.

  • Tier C - This rate reflects most closely the true cost of camp. It includes the day to day costs of Tier B plus costs of our chaplaincy program, all supplies and other operational expenses, including medical supplies and equipment (for COVID). Families that are able to choose this rate are partnering with Shrine Mont Camps to provide much needed upgrades and grow for the future.

It is always our goal to have all who wish to participate in our programs be able to do so; don't hesitate to reach out to camp for Scholarships, either part or full!

scholarship info

 Scholarship info

People come to Shrine Mont to celebrate being a part of Christ's Body, and to experience A Place Apart. The cost of camp should not be a barrier that keeps any child who wishes from attending camp, and our scholarship fund works to ensure equal access to our ministry. We know that Christ held open ever-expanding arms, and we take joy in using our scholarship funds to spread our camp ministry.

  • Scholarship forms are available online within the applicant portal when going through the registration process.

  • Families are encouraged to inquire of their clergy or senior warden about the availability of scholarship aid at the parish or regional level.

  • Scholarship requests will be responded to on a rolling basis, please fill out the information form as you register. Please contact James Williams to discuss any situation or concern.




Hello families and friends of camp,


For the summer of 2024, we are excited to announce that we will be giving each and every camper a 100$ scholarship (per session registered) to attend camp. Our mission is to promote the emotional and spiritual development of all who come to the mountain through the fostering of a positive environment, and to encourage the growth of relationships with self, others, and God. Our Diocese is blessed to have a strong camp ministry that has served families for generations - this ministry has only been possible with continuous and loving financial support that has been given over the years, as well as our transformative camp home, Shrine Mont.


Shrine Mont is truly a Place Apart, and has been the center of camp for more than 60 years. From sitting on the rock at North Mountain to hearing the Shouting Prayer echo across the Shrine, each camp family has experienced first hand the importance of our Diocesan Retreat Center. As Shrine Mont approaches its 100th year anniversary in 2025, please join us in recognizing Shrine Mont as a home away from home, a place of holy rest, and the heart of what makes camp so special.


In this celebration of Shrine Mont’s 100th, we will be granting each camper a 100$ scholarship for each session they attend over the next two summers. Due to generous giving , as well as having a contracted program over the years of COVID, our camp scholarship fund is able to pass on this celebration of continued ministry. Sharing this abundance is designed to:


  • Lower the cost of camp for all, so that we can continue in the spirit of scholarships - to have as many campers attend Shrine Mont Camp, regardless of circumstances. 


  •  Promote the use of our scholarship funds. Camp provides scholarships to all who need it, and finances should never be a barrier to attending camp. Please know that while all campers will get this scholarship, further funds are still available for those with need, and we will continue to process all scholarship requests as they come this season. Please follow this link for more information on our scholarship process.


  • Celebrate the amazing ministry of our partner and camp home, Shrine Mont! If you haven’t already done so, please check out their website. You can also show your support directly for their ministry by donating here.


  • Give back to our camp community.


Shrine Mont Camp is a space where campers find themselves, create friendships, are challenged, HAVE FUN, and encounter Christ. Please continue to spread the word about our available scholarships and the beauty of camp program Thank you for your support in making this ministry possible, and we are EXCITED TO SEE YOU THIS SUMMER!! 

100 for the 100th Scholarship details


100 for the 100th Scholarship details


How do I get this scholarship, and who can receive it?

Just by registering for camp and that includes all who do so! This scholarship will be automatically credited to any balance on a family’s account. It will display as “discount’ upon checkout of registration. Note - if a camper is attending more than one session of camp, additional funds for any session over the first will be added manually when we process your registration.

*Please note that prices listed on our website DO ALREADY INCLUDE this scholarship (meaning price shown is base price less 100$), while prices in the registration portal do not. You will see the true cost of camp when registering, though it will be immediately deducted.


Is there still scholarship money available if I need, or is this the only scholarship I will receive this summer?

There is certainly still scholarship for all those who need it! Shrine Mont Camp will have additional scholarship funds available this summer in the same capacity as summer past, and we encourage all with need to apply.


Why now?

The first reason is to celebrate the upcoming 100th Anniversary of Shrine Mont! Our mountain home has provided so much to our camp ministry over the years, and we can think of no better way to honor that hospitality than by allowing more and more families to experience what this place has to offer.

 Additionally, due to generous giving and having a contracted program over the years of COVID, our camp scholarship has generated additional funds for us to spend - this means we are able to pass on that generosity shared with us over time to the families involved in our program now.


What does ‘100 years of Shrine Mont’ mean?

Shrine Mont Conference and Retreat Center is the Diocesan retreat center based in Orkney Springs, Virginia and has been the home of Shrine Mont Camp for generations. 2025 will mark 100 years that this Place Apart has been serving the Diocese of Virginia. Shrine Mont hosts countless retreats and conferences, maintains the Bishop’s Cathedral Shrine of the Transfiguration, and embodies the spirit of Christian Hospitality. To know more, check out their website.


Can I still donate to camp scholarships?

Yes you can. Our scholarship funds are consistently spent on providing camp to all those who want to come! You may also give funds to Shrine Mont Camp to assist with programming, though these funds should be marked ‘unrestricted’.


Why not lower the price of camp?

While we are able to offer a general scholarship disbursement for 2024 and 2025, there is still a cost associated with running camp. Prices for things like materials, staff pay, and food are constantly changing, and our current pricing model reflects those changes while still doing what we can for our community as a whole. If you have any questions surrounding this, please reach out directly to the Director, James Williams.


If I have given in the past, will my money be going to those in need?

Yes. We will continue to honor all specific giving asks placed alongside donations. The priority for all general scholarship funds will go to those who have directly asked for financial support via our scholarship application form.

"$100 for the 100th - Universal scholarship
 please read the statement below about the 2024 and 2025 universal scholarship gift
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