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Welcome to Shrine Mont Camp!

We have been offering an Episcopal camp experience for campers for more than 60 years. We offer a host of unique sessions throughout our summer — with programming running from ages 7-17 and sessions ranging from a traditional community camp experience to those centered on service, we have a space designed to meet your child’s wants and needs!

Here are some things that are common across all of our sessions:

  • Each camp session strives to engage campers in the core concepts of faith formation, relationship building, personal development and a love for the outdoors (see our mission page for more)! Shrine Mont Camps channels these values through the ‘Body Passage’ of the Bible, 1 Corinthians 12:12-27. This passage embodies our deep belief that each human is WONDERFULLY made in all of their ways, quirks, passions, identities and all!

    • Shrine Mont Camps is in the process of drafting a formal inclusion statement, as we affirm the beauty in welcoming all of God's children. See more in our 'Inclusion' tab.

  • We run a “traditional”, community-based camp model. This means that we do things together throughout the day, and focus on building our camp body.

  • The first place your child settles in (and often where the closest friends are made) is their cabin on one of our 3 campsites: St. George's, Woodward, or Bear Wallow. Campers are placed in housing alongside kids their age, and — guided by a counselor — turn their cabin into a home. Campers spend a good deal of time with this group, from meals to rest period to a feeling check at the end of the night! ​

  • For most of our sessions, your camper will have two chunks of time where they choose their activities — our elective blocks! There is usually an elective block in the morning and evening, and your child gets to select which adventure they will embark on that day. At the end of the day, the entire camp gets together for our Evening Program (EP).

  • Lastly, we believe that camp is an amazing experience for youth, and Shrine Mont Camps is dedicated to making camp possible for all who want to attend. If the cost of camp is at barrier to attending, please reach out! We provide partial and full scholarships to those that need them.

 Camp Sessions

Lil's Session

7-9 years old

Coming to camp for the first time can be exciting as well as daunting and often comes with a lot of ‘first times’, including the first time away from parents (especially when you’re young)! That's why we are excited to offer our new Lil’s session for FIRST TIME CAMPERS! We are always looking to welcome new families and campers into our community, and this is the perfect opportunity to get a taste of what camp looks like! 


Experience a truncated camp session with all the fun of a St.George's session, and the added bonus of extra staff and care. This session is 3 nights away to give ‘lil’ campers a chance to be away for a short time and begin the lifelong journey of being a Shrine Mont Camper! Our staff are excited to create an open and safe space to send your youngins who are yearning to come to camp, but in a smaller dose!

St. George's Sessions  

8-14 years old

Come join our St. George's sessions running throughout the summer. Campers will have opportunities every day to choose their own adventure; every camper will have the opportunity to make art, play camp games, explore nature, bond with their cabin, and grow in the body of Christ. We are excited to merge our camp experiences of 2021 and 2022 with the rich tradition of our past to reignite St. George's sessions. 

* For those that joined our camp family since 2021, this camp is the same programming as our 'Shrine Mont Camps' general program.


All Saint's  Specialty Sessions

9-12 years old

Artists, Athletes, Explorers and Performers, we have the camp for you! We are excited to offer a new camp experience, the All Saints sessions!

All Saint's sessions run very similar to our St. George's sessions, but offer campers a chance to go deeper. Each session involves youth signing up for 1 of 4 programming areas, or ‘tracks’: sports, outdoor exploration, art, or music and theater. Campers get to live in community with other campers in their chosen track as well as campers from another track, creating a fun mix! Campers go throughout the day doing electives in their programming track, and even have the opportunity to change it up during their afternoon free electives! Campers get the chance to dive deeply into their love of art or outdoor exploration, then dip their toes in Sports or Music and Theater. Join us for All Saint's and discover how your camper can grow deeper in the things they love!

* The All Saint's program is based on the hisorical camps of St. Sebastian's Sports Camp, Explorers' Camp, Art Camp, and Music and Theater Camp.

The Great

15-17 years old

Calling all adventurers! At “The Great,” campers age 15-17 go out into the world on extended overnight trips. We will explore the region, cook our own food, and set up our own shelter at night. No previous camping experience? No problem! Campers need to be able to carry a pack, walk for several miles, and be willing to push their comfort zone. 

What will you find at The Great? New friends, new adventures, and the joy and wonder of extended time in creation!


St. Andrew's Session

8-11 years old

St. Andrew’s is a “family style” program for younger campers who need higher levels of structure and one-to-one support. Campers at St. Andrew’s live in a Shrine Mont cottage and enjoy days filled with the same activities, games, and friendships one finds at all Shrine Mont Camps. Walks through the woods, trips to the pool, game time, daily chaplain’s and worship times are all part of the daily schedule - just on a smaller scale than our traditional camp model. 


This is a wonderful way for a camper to be introduced to an overnight camp, or for campers who otherwise would struggle in a bigger environment to have a wonderful experience!

St.A's 3.JPG

St. Elizabeth's Sessions

14-25 years old

St. Elizabeth’s program serves campers age 14-25 with intellectual disabilities. Campers spend their days making new friends, playing games, enjoying daily chaplain and worship times, and much more! 


Volunteers participate in camp activities alongside the campers, and assist them as needed. Paid staff work to support the overall program, provide guidance to volunteers, and make sure everyone is safe.


Family Camp

all ages

At Family Camp, spend a long weekend enjoying the fresh mountain air, the afternoons at the pool, and tons of fun activities for people of all ages. 


At Shrine Mont Camps, all are welcome and “family” can look like more than one thing. Grandparents and grandchildren, couples, children with their grown-ups, and even solo campers all will find a variety of activities and new friends just for them. Come, bring your loved ones, and leave the cooking and organizing to us!

labyrinth fam camp.JPG

Senior High Youth Conference (SHYC)

14-16 years old

SHYC 4.jpg
SHYC 2.jpg

We are glad to re-introduce SHYC for our older campers! This camp is all the same fun of a traditional camp session (like St. George's), but with an infusion of ministry, service, and a bit of travel. Alongside pool parties, hikes to North Mountain, spa days and sitting by campfires, campers dive into the themes of service, adventure, leadership, storytelling and vocation. Older campers get the chance to enjoy the constant fun of camp while working side-by-side with peers on service projects that curate life-long friendships!

Shrine Mont Camps is dedicated to looking outward in love and engaging our community, and every camper that steps into SHYC learns the beauty and bonding that happens in service!

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