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Meet The Team

When you are blessed with hundreds of young people running around a mountain, you have to have an incredible host of folks ready for every possible outcome. The Director of Shrine Mont Camp leads an incredible and experienced group of year-round and summer-long leaders to make sure every session of camp is as fulfilling, safe, and fun as it can possibly be. Below you'll find a bit about all this team, from our registrar in the Diocesan Office, our administrative assistant directing team at the Vienna House camp office, our triad leaders on each site, and the director himself who runs between all those places and more!

Fast Facts about us

  • 60+ total years at camps!

  • An average of 7 years in camping ministry.

  • We are First Aid, Wilderness First Aid, and Mental Health First Aid certified.

  • Our team has licensed social workers, teachers, ministers in the church, and registered nurses.

  • 60% of our staff were former campers!

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